7 Summer Solstice Practices for Nourishing Your Inner Light

The Summer Solstice was this past Friday, and I couldn’t be happier to transition into the warmth and radiance that comes with the summer months. In the natural world, Summer is the most extroverted, open, and expansive time of the year. The long days of bright sunshine, flowers in bloom, and the abundance of colorful, nourishing foods popping up in nature and in your garden are just a few examples of the fertility and abundance of the summer months.

As we are a part of nature and the earth, the same transformation that happens in the natural world takes place within our own bodies and minds. In many wisdom traditions, summer is considered the time of year where we are most connected to our inner light and our awakening.. The solstice itself is a celebration of the Sun, as well as the fire and light that lives within each and every one of us.

The long sunny days of summer bring with them a feeling of increased livelihood, freedom, adventure, exploration, and play. The solstice is a powerful energetic time of year when our days become longer than our nights, symbolizing light illuminating darkness for increased consciousness and vitality.

We can honor this transition of darkness to light in many ways, which increase the energetic potency of this time of year. My favorite practices that celebrate the beauty of the summer months are below:

  1. Sun bathing: lay out in the sun and feel the rays of the sun filling your pores. Imagine you could breathe the sunlight into every cell, bringing with it a feeling of clarity, vitality, and love. Be sure to take the proper precautions necessary for your skincare.

  2. Travel and exploration: Visit somewhere new. You may wish to go on a solo-travel adventure or just venture to a new coffee shop you’ve never been to. Explore new things with the playful, wide-open mind of a child.

  3. Candle meditation: Sit with a candle flame during your meditation practice. As you watch the candle, visualize and feel a similar flame within your own heart. Allow this light to purify any feelings of darkness, heaviness, or inadequacy. Breathe the light of the flame into your whole body and energy field.

  4. Dance: Put on your favorite music and let your body move. Don’t concern yourself with how you look. Rather, close your eyes and feel your way through. Let the prana (energy) of the music move you. Do this alone or with close friends.

  5. Hiking and swimming: Get outside and be active! Breathe in the fresh air. Notice the bountiful plants and animals of nature. Sit on the earthen ground and connect to the elements. Put your bare feet on the ground and feel the energy of the earth.

  6. Singing: Let your voice be free and sing your favorite summertime songs. Sing in the car, the shower, or while you’re cooking. Don’t worry about how you sound, just allow your voice to express.

  7. Set a summer intention: During this transition into a new season, it is a potent time to set an intention. Grab your journal and favorite pen and ask yourself:

    • “What is it that I am hoping to bring into my life this season?”

    • How would you like to feel? Powerful, radiant, whole?

    • What do you need to let go of in order to feel this way?

    • In what ways is this intention already true?

    • What commitment to myself would I like to make to support this intention?

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