Connecting with the Goddess Lakshmi

The goddesses in Hindu tantra are representative of different parts of ourselves we can activate and call in, as we need them. Each goddess holds a different shakti, power, that can benefit and support our spiritual evolution.

There is no better goddess to work with in the abundant and beautiful summer months than Lakshmi. She represents:

  • abundance

  • manifestation

  • wealth

  • fertility

  • beauty and adornment

  • generosity

  • light

  • open heartedness

  • sensuality

  • inner validation and worth

  • pleasure

These qualities are an embodiment of inner temptress archetype that lives within us all, regardless of gender. When imbalanced, the temptress often appears in one of several ways:

  • She only comes out to play in relationship with others, but never just for herself. This leads to a feeling of depletion through over-giving without ever receiving anything in return. Her life is revolved around others, and while she may logically understand that you cannot give from an empty well, it is not a practice she has learned to embody within herself.

  • She holds no boundaries and gives too much of herself to undeserving partners, friends, family members, etc. This could be seen as excessive sexual promiscuity OR excessive generosity of time, money, and service for others.

  • She is numbed and completely shut off to her own source of pleasure. She has lost her light and her enthusiasm for life. She is turned off, depressed, and shut down in relationships.

  • Negative self talk and low esteem. She thinks her worth is based upon how others think she looks, and feels like she can never meet the mark. She looks for external validation to tell her she is worthy. She never feels pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, or “right” enough to feel her inherent self worth.

Our inner Lakshmi gets shut down within us and creates the above imbalances when we’ve experienced pain or trauma around our own ability to feel happy and good. When we haven’t allowed ourselves (or been allowed) to explore our senses and sensuality. When we’ve been sexually assaulted or abused. When we feel unsafe and unworthy in our own skin.

Healthy, wild, Lakshmi energy is our ability to feel juicy, alive, nourished, rich, fulfilled, gorgeous, and worthwhile in our own skin.

When nourishing your inner Lakshmi, you may wish to practice some of the following. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the practices, bookmark them as the most important to continue on a daily basis:

  • Look into your eyes in the mirror and say to yourself: “I love myself. I am worthy. I see the many things within and without that are beautiful and whole.”

  • Make a list in your journal of at least 30 things you love about yourself.

  • Get in touch with your senses just for the pleasure of it. Find 5 things you see that are beautiful or attractive to the eye, and really look at them (such as a plant, a painting, or a part of your body.). Find 4 things to touch that would feel pleasurable, nourishing, or soft (such as a plush rug, a plant, or running water from your sink). Find 3 things to listen to that would nourish your ears (such as a stream, birds chirping, or a song that you love.) Find 2 things to smell that bring you joy (such as fresh ground coffee, essential oils, or fresh linens.) Find one thing to taste that would feel sweet and nourishing on your tastebuds. 

  • Make contact with yourself through pleasurable touch.. Bring your hands over your body and give yourself some love. It could be a hug, a self-massage, a scratch. But give yourself time and space to make contact with yourself!

Try the 40-day abundance challenge

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