3 Yogic Steps For Manifesting Your New Years Resolution

The coming of the New Year is a precious opportunity for reflection and digestion, as well as creating and manifesting a meaningful vision. Below are three steps to help you create and follow through with your resolution(s) this year. You can take as much or as little time with these steps as you wish, but the more you put into this practice, the more you will get out of it.


1) Reflection

It is important that we first reflect on our previous year, before creating resolutions or intentions for the upcoming one. Take out a journal and reflect on the following questions: 

  • What was important and meaningful about the past year?
  • How did you succeed in taking care of yourself? Consider body, mind, and spirit.
  • What were the major struggles you faced? How did you overcome them? 
  • Are there any patterns, limiting beliefs, or habits holding you back?
  • In what ways have you grown? In what ways do you wish to continue to grow? 
  • How have you given back to your community? How do you wish to give back?
  • Reflect on your current state of wellness physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What do you see?
  • What are you longing to bring into your life?


Visualization has a powerful effect on the body hormonally, biologically, and physiologically. Try visualizing yourself taking a giant bite of a sour lemon; you can likely feel your salivary glands activating! Take a few minutes to visualize what an ideal 2018 would look like for you. Focus more on how you want to feel than what you want to look like or have. You can even create something tangible to represent this vision, such as a Vision Board, by choosing powerful images and creating a collage that represents how you wish to feel in 2018. 

After creating this visual, perhaps a resolution or phrase of intention will come forth. Make sure your resolution is stated in the positive present tense. For example, if your visualization is your body in perfect health, state, “All of my cells vibrate with perfect health”, or something of the like. There may just be one phrase that comes up, or there may be many. Write them all down.


Consider your resolution and what the tangible steps are to reaching this resolution. Create a map or game plan that brings your resolution to life. (If you have more than one resolution, you may wish to repeat this step for each.) Let your intuition guide this map rather than your logical mind. Your needs are unique, and your map should reflect that. One person may need to increase exercise to achieve health, whereas others may need to take their workout regime down a notch. You may have to avoid a certain type of food that another person does not. Listen to your body when crafting this map - it may even be helpful to meditate on your resolution for a few minutes to reflect on the ideal steps in reaching your goal.

Repeat or write your resolution daily, and give gratitude as it comes to life! Belief is powerful, and our biology follows what we choose to think and believe about ourselves. Believe in your intention, and your biology will shift to support it! 

Come back to this resolution and these steps often. I recommend keeping them in a place you will see them daily so you are reminded of your commitments and goals. Throughout the year, perhaps on every full moon, take some time to reflect on your resolution and allow it to shift and change based on your changing needs.


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