summer yoga sequence

Walking Meditation in Nature

Now that summer is here, the natural world is inviting us to get outside more frequently. Nature gives us the opportunity during the summer months to connect more with the beauty of the blooming world. When we listen to the natural cycles of the Earth and venture out our front doors into wildlife spaces, it becomes immediately apparent how healing, grounding, and uplifting the outdoors truly is. When we spend time in nature we intuitively tune into the cycles of the earth and we are brought into balance emotionally, hormonally, and spiritually. Just the act of being in wildlife brings clarity and wholeness that many of us miss with indoor-oriented lives.

Walking meditation is a beautiful and powerful practice that helps us realign and reconnect to the natural rhythms of our earth. There are may variants to a walking meditation practice, and the one below is created to still the mind and reconnect the body with the natural earth from which it came.

To practice, find an undisturbed space in the outdoor world to which you feel called to. Somewhere outdoors where you feel a peaceful, present, and tranquil effect. Bare feet are recommended for this practice so that your feet may earth and ground. Our feet literally release magnetic impulses that build up from excessive technology use back into the earth when we walk with bare feet. 

  • Give yourself a few moments (or minutes) of arriving into the space you've chosen. Notice the plants, ground, wildlife, sky, and sounds in your nature space. Welcome all present thoughts, emotions, and sensations to be truly felt and recognized.
  • Gently start walking in your space, in a giant circle or aimlessly wandering.
  • Allow your gaze, your jaw, and the rest of your body to relax.
  • Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet as they touch the ground. Feel the sensation of the feet touching the earth.
  • Imagine your feet leaving small footprints of light, any colored light, behind you as you walk. Practice this for several minutes.
  • After several minutes of the visualization, repeat the following Mantra as you walk: I walk in love.
  • For example, step ("I Walk"), step ("In Love").
  • Continue repeating the affirmation and imaging footprints of light for 5-20 minutes.
  • When you are ready to close, come to stillness. 
  • Take a few deep breaths to integrate and notice any changes from the beginning of the practice.
  • Slowly transition on, staying soft, slow, and relaxed for as long as possible after the meditation .