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Discover TRUE Rest with Yoga Nidra

true rest versus stress

In the stress epidemic of our fast paced and modern world, many people resort to excessive amounts of TV, drugs, alcohol, food, or sex to temporarily relieve stress and unwind. While all of these may have an immediate impact on a person's experience of stress, these habits can become unhealthy and, furthermore, they do little to relieve long-term stress. What if I told you there was a more sustainable way to relax, to truly rest and restore, and to unwind without giving way to habits that do not serve your greatest evolution: Yoga Nidra.

If you have never experienced Yoga Nidra, it could change your life and will definitely change your Nervous System. Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep, is a systematic relaxation approach that works with the nervous system from superficial to deep levels to give every single cell of our being a chance to deeply recharge. True rest is something we rarely offer ourselves. Taking 20 minutes a few times a week to truly rest can create significant changes in all areas of our waking lives, from increasing emotional stability to decreasing physical pains to allowing for more joy and calm in each moment.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a systematic approach to Nervous System regulation, decompression, and release. Through a step-by-step series of relaxation techniques, breathing practices, and visualizations, students are guided into deeper and deeper brain states. While the body begins to relax and let go, as it would in deep sleep, the mind remains passively conscious. Brilliant changes can occur from this state of mind and body.

◦ In the practice of Yoga Nidra, we are able to reprogram subconscious and unconscious thought patterns and core beliefs.

◦ Yoga Nidra is a systematic tool for restructuring our subconscious or unconscious habits to better align with conscious goals through the process of inducing total relaxation on all levels of our being. 

◦ Through Yoga Nidra and setting an intention (Sankalpa) in a state of deep openness and relaxation, we can align our conscious beliefs and desires with our waking impulses and behaviors. 

◦ Yoga Nidra can clarify anything blocking one from connecting to the true nature of the Self at all levels of being (physical, energetic, mental/emotional).

Ready to try it out? Check out my free 21 Minute Yoga Nidra Practice by clicking play on my video above or directly download the audio by following the link below.


Lay down on the floor and create a "relaxation kingdom" with a bunch of props and blankets for support. I highly recommend using an eye pillow or scarf over the eyes, a bolster underneath the knees, and a blanket over the whole body. It can also be helpful to practice a few gentle movements before beginning Yoga Nidra.